How to Create a RESTful API with Laravel 5

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WordPress Features That Need Improvement


WordPress is arguably the best platform for creating a website or a blog. It has many features that make it a favorite amongst power users and novices alike. For starters installation is amazingly quick. Countless plugins and themes extend the core functionality giving it great flexibility and support. However as great as WordPress is, there are still shortcomings that the community has failed to address even with the latest version. Great plugins exist to provide some of the missing functionality but WordPress would be better overall if these features were included in the core codebase. User Role Management There are […]

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My Experience Learning AngularJS

The internet has evolved and by extension web browsers have also modernized. Web applications are replacing the soon to be primitive static website. There is no longer a fear of having to process too much JavaScript on a web page as some modern web applications are completely driven by JavasScript and AJAX. Browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 are being retired completely as Microsoft themselves have relinquished any further support for it. Front-end frameworks facilitate better control, code organization and ease of use for modern web applications. I decided to plunge right in to learn AngularJS and give an account […]

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