Is the Best SEO Strategy No Strategy At All?

Student of Code

Over the years we’ve made an industry out of trying to outsmart Google’s search algorithm. These actions were labeled as SEO optimization. We pursue backlinks, write guest posts, share on social media, and do just about anything else that will better our chances of getting ranked higher by Google, using the Hustle Methods we can find online for this. We frantically follow Google as they make updates to the search algorithm that would make our efforts worthless. Why would they do such a thing?

Because all along Google has been telling us to just let the content speak for itself. Let the long-tail keywords do its magic. Make the proper on-site optimizations and let the Google search algorithm work. Basically just stop trying to outsmart Google’s algorithm.

So I decided to do just that! I started a new blog call Student of Code with no promotion or SEO strategy of any kind. It is only ever mentioned here on this blog post. I also completed the minimal recommended actions.

Minimal Recommended Actions

The site was added to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools and sitemaps submitted on both. Then I submitted the URL request to be crawled by both search engines as well.

The site itself is built on WordPress 4.8 and optimized with the Yoast SEO plugin. I don’t have much content currently but I am dedicating at least fifty articles of high quality informative content aimed at teaching my readers about computer programming. Each article will have optimized titles and descriptions. They will more than satisfy the content length requirements.

Let’s see how well it does!